Climate Change and Global Warming

by John Lewis Smith

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This track addresses some of the problems of climate change and global warming, albeit in a somewhat general fashion. Although the lyrics do attempt to put forward an explanation, it is hoped that they will not come across as too patronising.


A brisk breeze can be good, for powering our wind farms
But if it gets too strong, it blows down trees and barns
Climate change is coming, to stop it is a race
Floods and droughts and wild fires, too extreme in every case
So the President discounts, the scientific facts
Seems to think it’s just a story, that’s been spread by media hacks
An existential crisis, is knocking at our door
It is not fake news, and it’s never happened before

Climate change, the world is getting warm
Climate change, it’s blowing up a storm
Global warming, there’s no smoke without a fire
Global warming, the ending could be dire

The sun sends out its rays, to heat our land and sea
The ozone layer acts, to filter out U.V.
A third of all this solar power, reflected back instead
But land and sea release their heat, as long-wave infrared
Some gases in the air, can steal away this heat
The greenhouse gases form a club, let us meet and greet
Water vapour, methane, and carbon dioxide
With nitrous oxide they can help, to keep us all alive


Without those GHG.’s our life would be too cold
Say minus thirty three, in Celsius I am told
The tropics below freezing point, could be minus ten
But living in a world like that, is way beyond my ken
Thinking back to how it was, pre-industrial revolution
Then we started burning fossil fuel, for better heat and motion
What nobody realised, as flames leaped up so bright
Was the unintended consequence, would be far from a delight



released June 12, 2019
Music & lyrics composed, arranged, and performed by John Lewis Smith using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The song is published by Lewis Music (see


all rights reserved



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